Monday, October 21, 2013

Best ways to stay connected?

We are fortunate to live in an area that boasts some exceptionally engaging social media opportunities. When we started this blog, lo so many years ago, the hope was that it would be a way for people to interact and (hopefully) keep up with all the exciting things that were going on in Raleigh. I'm confident that the Raleigh Philosophical Society has done just that. However, in this day and age, all one needs to do is set up a Twitter account, and with a little due diligence, within a few days you would know who are the best Raleigh people/accounts to follow. In no time at all, YOU TOO would be up to speed on the hot news.

But, in case you are a Twitter newbie and need some suggestions, here are some of my personal favorites -- in no particular order and not necessarily with commentary.

@NewRaleigh -- It was initially a sad day earlier this year when the Jed & Co. made the decision to no longer offer a web-based publication. However, that has not stopped New Raleigh, the Twitter version, from continuing to be perhaps the absolute best place to get news about new restaurants, stores and much more. They are as on top of things as they've ever been.

@WNFIV -- All you gotta do is read this.


@CORMuseum (and, for that matter, @TheSirWalterRal)


@BonnerGaylord -- The Raleigh council member not only knows what's going on in his district and city, but he's also willing to chat about it. And have a good time at it, at the same time.


@ArmstrongABC11 -- Not only a solid area sports anchor, but also pretty darn funny on the Twittersphere. Even if he is Canadian.



Oh, and I just can't forget @Matt_Lail.

Who are we missing? Any others that people should follow?

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Anonymous said...

Gotta include @gogoraleigh and @dtraleigh and @raleighing!