Thursday, April 18, 2013

My first journey to "camp"

Aside from being a day student at Campbell University's world-famous soccer camp, and being an overnight camper at Jim Valvano's basketball camp, I can't claim to have been a summer camp kid back in my youth. Honestly, at that age, the thought of going away from home for several weeks probably terrified me -- and my parents. Certainly going to a place like Camp Sea Gull or the now-defunct Camp Morehead -- where members of my extended family camped -- seemed out of the question.

Here in Raleigh, going to camp is a big deal. Or it at least seems to be. Soon I will do my first venture (sorta) to camp when my daughter's Y Guides tribe heads to Camp Seafarer. Yes, it's just for a weekend, but I'm interested to see what all the fuss is about.

It seems like camps like Seafarer and Sea Gull are almost extensions to Raleigh's Inside the Beltline culture. In an effort to get a feel for what Seafarer is like, I decided to do some research -- so I hit the internet, of course. Along with nice photos of campers sailing and shots of the cabins and facilities were Google results from the Urban Dictionary. I had no idea that there were entries for things like camps on the Urban Dictionary. But oh, there is. (It's often hard to decipher which entries were genuinely submitted by camp alums from those that are satirical.)

Here are some of the entries. Take them for what they're worth. A lot of these are redundant. (As you can see, I did little to change the formatting. Deal with it.)

Camp Sea Gull

Camp Sea Gull is home to the hottest, funniest, and dorkiest southern boys ever! they're the only boys in the world who wear belts and collared shirts to the mess hall, without shoes! they sing us Camp Seafarer girls lullabys everytime they visit. 

A phrase meaning, "something preppy and hot."
Kelly: "Seth Cohen's picture on the OC Season 1 DVD is really preppy and hot."
Jessica: "Yeah it's like wicked Camp Sea Gull"

Best known for; 
.lacoste shirts with popped collars 
.seagull belt 
.knot in swimband 
.having at least one pair of rainbows 
.being excellent sailors 
.sending letters with cologne sprayed 
.dancing in the cage to southern music 
.trading shorts with seafarer girls on the pier 
.being hot and preppy 
.never taking off sunglasses, croakies

Camp Seagull (same thing but wrong spelling)
where all the guys sail all day long 
3.a place where its ok to go to meals without your shoes, but still have your shirt tucked in 
4.were the formal atire consits of rainbow flip-flops, a popped pink collared shirt, a pair of the signiture seagull shorts, and a pair of croakies 

Camp Seafarer
Camp seafarer is the best camp of all thats right uh huh o yeah! Well duh any seagull kid could have told you that. 

A Southern camp in North Carolina where only the coolest girls go.They're sweet girls, yet they're adventurous and crazy- shaving cream fights, hardcore sailing,spirit and screaming,and not to mention their boys camp across the Neuse-(See Camp Sea Gull)where the absolute hottest guys are. THE BEST CAMP OF ALL THATS RIGHT UH HUH OH YEAH!!

Camp Seafarer is the greatest place on the earth. me and my friends refer to it as our second home. Each year we await that amazing day when the gates open and we drive in and are assigned to our home for the next month. after swim testing, the first thing to do is to check out a beautiful scot with your scot skipper friends and sail all afternoon on the neuse. where fridays mean candy night and movie and saturdays of course mean shaving and shagging with the best looking guys who attend camp seagull in the cage. i miss camp seafarer so much and i love it and every girl there to death!! i love yall!! 

(And, for comparison's sake) Camp Cheerio (which has a much smaller entry)

A camp in roaring gap, north carolina hidden in a bundle of mountians. usually where all the skanks go to camp while all the ]preppy], cute girls go to camp seafarer. used to be a fun camp until it was flooded with north Raleigh - Cary skank wannabes
boy: I want to start going to camp cheerio. it's where all the skanks go so maybe I can get my first hookup while I'm up there.

There you have it, people.

Oh, and here is proof of my attendance at V's camp.


Anonymous said...

I went to Sea Gull when I was a wee "Indian Guide" (before political correctness came along). My memory of it is foggy, but I will get to see it again the following weekend when I take my son with his Y Guide group. Can I call it a tribe still?

M. Lail said...

The terms are still kinda-sorta interchangable. It's officially called Y Guides, but people still use the Indian Guide or Indian Princess names willy-nilly.

Yes, you can still call it a tribe.