Friday, February 08, 2013

Oakwood Cafe expands to about as far from Oakwood as you can get

I heard a rumor yesterday that the Oakwood Cafe had closed; however, as best as I can tell, the venerable Argentian/Cuban joint on the edge of Historic Oakwood in Downtown Raleigh is still open, thank you very much. (PLEASE, GOD, DON'T LET IT BE TRUE!)

In fact, the owners have apparently expanded to Lafayette Village in North Raleigh. The website for the Oakwood Cafe boasts -- in "sparkling" green font, I might add -- "COMING SOON! PAMPAS RESTAURANT 8460 HONEYCUTT RD." But apparently the aforementioned Pampas Restaurant is, indeed, open for biz.

Like Oakwood Cafe, Pampas is an Argentian and Cuban ("and Latin") restaurant. But whereas Oakwood Cafe is a longstanding establishment in the heart of an authentic, livable community, Pampas is a brand-new restaurant located in a recreation of a French livable community -- off a major highway. (I'm not knocking it; just making an observation. For the record: I LIKE Lafayette Village.)

I'm not sure when Pampas opened, but reviews are mixed. As with any review, take them with a grain of salt; you're better off giving any place a shot yourself.

We just found out this is Oakwood Cafe's new location. Whoo hooo.
We cant wait. Headed there next weekend. This is the best Churrasco
in Raleigh.


I was really disappointed in the food.  The empanadas were so small I couldn't even find them in the french fries they served them with.  The price for 2 small empanadas and fries to go was not worth it either.


I walked by the restaurant before my husband pointed it out to me, since the signage still says "Village Market". But on the doors it does say Pampas, with a little old-fashioned "Open" sign.  I'm not thrilled with the name, since Pampas looks like it would sound like the word "pompous". Apparently it's pronounced more like "Pampers", which is probably worse.


The steak that I had for lunch was thin tough skirt steak.   The black beans and rice was good. I won't be back. Food was not worth the visit.


I love that the owners where able to expand and open another restaurant.   I have been a customer at the Oakwood Cafe sense they opened its great to have another place to enjoy with the same great food and service. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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