Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New convenience store in old Biscuit Station/Ruben's spot

For many years, downtown Raleigh workers and those who lived in the Oakwood area enjoyed Biscuit Station. (Well, a good number of them did anyway.) When Biscuit Station closed a few years ago, there was concern and optimism about would go in the space at the NE corner of Edenton and Person Streets. For some time, the space was occupied by Ruben's Downtown, a sandwich joint that, while passable, seems to have been overpriced. Suffice it to say, Ruben's didn't make it.

Now enter this:  a convenience store has opened in the space, as this (horrible) photo will attest. As far as I can tell, there's no name on the store. Regardless, it's good to see someone taking the plunge and offering the ol' entrepreneurial effort at this location. Person Street is undergoing something of a renaissance, and this certainly doesn't hurt. Here's to wishing [Nameless] Convenience Store the best of luck.

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